Authentik Studios April.19.2022
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Weekly Updates

1. Our discord now has 172 members and our Twitter is at 1,239 followers, we’re grateful to see our community grow around our purpose
2. The new Web3 project is almost here and our devs are adding finishing touches
3. We have finished tutorials for the new Web3 project as well
4. Our partnership with a major game developer is almost ready for launch
5. We’ve onboarded two new devs to our team!
6. We had two giveaways last week.. big thanks to our new influencers for believing in the vision.

Updates to SILO NFT App
1. Current version is 1.0.1 update here
2. Implemented error handling and loading indicator for NFT display page.
3. Added caching for device settings.
4. Added firmware version check for update



Authentik Studios

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