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Authentik Studios Weekly Update April.12.2022

  1. Miami NFT week was amazing, our Discord meetup was insane.
  2. We teamed up with NFT ASIA, Crypto Gala, NFT Showfield, Ladies Bitcoin Brunch Miami, Meta Meet Miami, BAYC after party @ The Wharf
  3. New Frame Giveaways are happening soon — be on the lookout
  4. Some new and exciting content is in the works…
  5. We are continuing to grow the team, with two new members onboarded onto our marketing division
  6. Exclusive Offer: use code Airdrop10 for 10% Off All Products

Updates to SILO NFT App

  • Version 1.0.1 is now live, with:
  • New features and bug fixes
  • Support for IPFS metadata
  • Optimized playlist settings for a more seamless user experience
  • White background glitch fixed

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