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1 min readMay 3, 2022

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Authentik Studios Weekly Update May.3.2022

  1. We are gearing up for Austin Texas this month, keep your eyes open for some of our future events.
  2. Our consensus rooftop event Elysium is fully planned for Austin and we cannot wait to meet you there.
  3. At DCentral Austin, we will finally be unveiling our new Web3 Airdrop protocol 👀 Catch us mainstage.
  4. Also at DCentral Austin we will be showcasing upcoming NFT projects with our frames, featuring GAMA, Skvllpvnks, and more.
  5. Our Medici afterparty was a huge success. Along with our partners, EthSign & LAAG.
  6. Keep this on the dl, but there might a party at Palm Beach’s Permissionless that you really wanna go to…

Tech Updates

  1. We are preparing to release SILO NFT v1.0.2 with a focus on adjustments to speed up connectivity and a cleaner UI.
  2. Our core team is moving quickly as we are close to our Austin TX debut for the new Web3 protocol 🥕

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