Authentik Studios Weekly Update April.05.2022

Authentik Studios
1 min readApr 5, 2022
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Weekly Updates

  1. We’ve onboarded new devs for our WEB 3 project from America and China
  2. New features have been introduced and an improvement of the UI for the Web3 community.
  3. We’ve onboarded multiple influencers in the space to speak on their visions.
  4. We are now opening for distribution in Canada, updates soon.
  5. For SILO NFT we’ve studied different use cases of airdrop smart contracts.
  6. Super stoked to kick off our artist of the day campaign over on Instagram
  7. With NFT LA week coming to a close, our team cannot wait to get out to the east coast for Miami Crypto Week
  8. Exclusive Offer: use code ‘Airdrop10’ for 10% off your frames.

Updates to SILO NFT App:

  • White screen bug fix and hot release.
  • New features and error handling.
  • Created new project flow and UI.
  • Updated backend API, improved response time.
  • Studied different use cases of airdrop smart contracts.
  • Helped set up the event for two afternoons.
  • Tested out wide scale public use, multiple frames in one setting.

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